At SDDW Hospitality no job is too big or small. We are happy to provide a range of services from basic document writing through to full systems changes.

Our training is tailored to your business objectives and operational standards. Whether it be new starter, new system or skills development training, having competent team players will not only help drive business objectives but will also provide work place satisfaction. The format for training can vary depending on your business and availability, however the most popular training programme is our classroom style training for up to 10 delegates per session. Our sessions normally run instructor demonstration with delegate participation. Although this is our most popular style we can also deliver training using webinars, one-to-one training or train the trainer. Due to PCI compliance and Data Protection we will only train using your system and not generic software; after all training and configuration has to be specific to your businesses setup.

Through experience we have found that most delegates prefer and learn better within a classroom style environment where delegates can practice as they learn. It may be beneficial to make E-Learning or documentation available for your team that they can refer too at a later date.

Our E-Learning packages are in bite sized modules making it easier for your team to have time to work their way through the content. At the end of each module the delegates will be tasked with a knowledge checkpoint. Once each delegate has completed their module they will be awarded a certificate for their HR personnel file. Subsequently should any of your team require refresher training they will be able to revisit the completed modules.

SDDW Hospitality understand all your team have their own capabilities and learning abilities. That’s why we also specialise in creating training documentation. We can produce illustrated quick reference guides with step by step instructions. We will work with department management and help to create standard of operation procedures (SOP’s) which will ensure your whole team are working to the goals and standards.