The inner child in me has always had a fascination with ships and I’ve always wanted to visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast, so over the Christmas period we have decided to take a short voyage to Belfast.

Our first port of call is the Titanic Hotel located in the heart of Belfast’s shipbuilding yard based on Harland & Wolff’s rich history of ship building including RMS Titanic, built for White Star Line. Construction of RMS Titanic began on 31st March 1909 and took 3 years to complete with her finally being launched in 1912. RMS Titanic took her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on the 10th April 1902 and collided with an iceberg 4 days later on 14th April at 23:40 (ships time).

SOS Titanic calling. We have struck ice and require immediate assistance – Telegram sent from RMS Titanic.

Back to the hotel…. looking at the photos, the hotel looks modern from the exterior with luxurious interior, just as it would have been in first class aboard the Titanic. Walking in to the hotel you are met with a modern twist of decor, walls of corridors made to look like ship bulkheads and room doors styled like ship steal doors. In fact, everything about this hotel is styled with the Titanic in mind from the decor to the staff uniforms.

The rooms are modern with a hint of history thrown in to keep with the theme. Steel like cladded walls, modern colours and Victorian style tiling in the bathrooms. All of this contributes to the feel of a first class cabin onboard one of Harland & Wolff’s vessels.